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Shared by an elementary school math and science teacher.

5.2 Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals

5.3 Prime and Composite Numbers, Even and Odd Numbers

5.4 Operations with Whole Numbers

5.5 Operations with Decimals

5.6 +/- Fractions & Mixed Numbers, ×and ÷ Whole # & Proper Fraction

5.7 Simplify Whole Number Numerical Expressions

5.8 Area, Perimeter, and Volume

5.9 Measurement with the Metric System

5.11 Elapsed Time in Hours and Minutes within a 24-hour period

5.13 Triangles: Classify, Sum of Interior Angles, & Angles Measures

5.14 Transformations, Combining & Subdivide Polygons

5.15 Fundamental Counting Principle

5.16 Stem-and-leaf Plots

5.17 Measures of Center

5.18 Identify, Describe, Create, Express, and Extend Number Patterns

5.19 The Concept of Variable