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Unit 1 Lines and Angles G.3a, G.4aef

Unit 2 Logic G.1abcd

Unit 3 Parallel Lines G.2abc, G.3b, G.4bcdg

Unit 4 Properties of Triangles G.5abcd

Unit 5 symmetry, Congruent Triangles, and Transformations G.3cd, G.6

Unit 6 Similarity G.3d, G.7, G.14a

Unit 7 Right Triangles G.8

Unit 8 Quadrilaterals and Polygons G.9, G.10

Unit 9 Circles Part 1 G.9, G.11abc

Unit 10 Circles Part 2 G.11ab, G.12, G.4

Unit 11 Solids G.13, G.14abcd