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Unit 1 Parent Graphs, Transformations, Scatt A2.6, A2.7bc, A2.9

Unit 2 Absolute Value Eqs/Ineqs/Graphs A2.4a, A2.6, A2.7abcd

Unit 3 Operations with Polynomials AII.1d

Unit 4 Radicals & Complex Number Op A2.1bc, A2.3

Unit 5 Solve/Graph Rad & Rational Exponent Eqs. A2.4d, A2.6, A2.7abcd

Unit 6 Graph Quadratics and Systems A2.4b, A2.5, A2.6, A2.7abcdf, A2.8

Unit 7 Solving Quadratics and Systems AII.4b, AII.5, AII.7b

Unit 8 Polynomial Graphs AII.6, AII.7abcdf, AII.8

Unit 9 Compositions and Inverses AII.7gh

Unit 10 Exponential and Log Functions A2.6, A2.7abcdefg

Unit 11 Graph Rational Functions/Variation A2.6, A2.7abcdef, A2.10

Unit 12 Ops & Solve Rational Functions A2.1a, A2.4c, A2.7abcdef, A2.8

Unit 13 Statistics, Sequences, Series AII.2

Unit 14 Statistics, Best Fit, Perm./Comb. AII.9, AII.11, AII.12 (7g)