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Unit 1 Expressions and Operations A.1, A.4b (A.1a)

Unit 2 Equations and Inequalities A.4abdf, A.5abc

Unit 3 Functions A.7abcdef (A.7a)

Unit 4 Graph Eqs & Ineq./Direct Variation A.6a, A.8, A.5a

Unit 5 Writing Linear Equations & Ineqs. A.6b, A.5ac (A.5, A.5c, A.6b)

Unit 6 Polynomials A.2ab

Unit 7 Factoring Polynomials and Dividing Polynomials A.2bc

Unit 8 Quadratics and Radicals A.3, A.4c, A.7abcdef (A.3bc)

Unit 9 Analyzing Data A.10, A.9

Unit 10 Data Interpretation and Variations A.11, A.8

Unit 11 Systems of Equations and Inequalities A.4ef, A.5cd (A.5)

Unit 12 Rationalizing the Denominator