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Shared by an elementary school science teacher.

Growing Plants - Discover what plants need to grow

Seed Germination- Change water, light, and heat, count seedlings

Phases of Moon- observe how the moon phases change over time

Solar System- Explore the solar system

Dichotomous Key- Characteristics, comparing, observing

Forest Ecosytem- Observe how an ecosystem changes over time

Measuring Trees- Count trees, practice using ruler

Magnetism- Investigate magnets

Density- Look at physical characteristics, see what sinks and floats

Household Energy Usage- Click on appliances see how they use energy

Phases of Water- Observe what happens to water when heat is added

Force and Fan- Explore motion

Free Fall- Drop objects talk about speed and gravity

Summer and Winter - Explore seasons

Coastal winds - Observe weather at the sea

Ants on a Slant - Work with inclined plane

Measuring Motion- Observe animals, look at speed

Water Cycle- Follow the water cycle

Prairie Ecosystem- observe how an ecosystem changes over time

Coral Reefs- Observe a coral reef, change factors tosee how it changes