Striving to be a Great Educator

We are educators, just like you. We have that drive to be our very best each day and to make the next day even better. This continuous improvement is what ExploreLearning professional development is all about.

Let us help you and your teachers to be your best.

Teaching with Gizmos

Give your teachers the time and confidence they need to learn to integrate a new technology into their classroom instruction. ExploreLearning's introductory workshops will ensure you get the most of your investment by providing educators with support to get started.

Supporting Proven Instructional Strategies

Gizmos support effective student-centered instruction backed by research. ExploreLearning's higher-level workshops instruct teachers in proven instructional strategies using Gizmos as a vehicle for instructional change.

Using Gizmos With Your Science Standards

New science standards ask students to develop deeper understanding of core content and to become proficient in the practices of scientific inquiry. We will help your teachers to envision lessons that provide complete learning experiences for science students.

Using Gizmos with College and Career-Ready Standards

Math standards have outlined a path to college and career readiness for students. We can support teachers as they wrestle with new ways of teaching math so that students are developing deep understanding as well as the skills they need to solve complex problems.

Project Management

ExploreLearning Project Management services provide you with dedicated support from a professional development expert. Implementation planning, guidance, support and oversight are managed by the ExploreLearning Project Manager, providing what's needed for success.

Systemic Support

For instructional technology to be adopted and used well by teachers, additional support is beneficial. We can help you to insert Gizmos into your district pacing guides, model classroom lessons for your teachers, and work with your math and science coaches so they can provide stellar support for your implementation.