8.1: An object's inertia causes it to continue moving the way it is moving unless it is acted upon by a force to change its motion.

8.1.C 22: Calculate average speed of a moving object and illustrate the motion of objects in graphs of distance over time.

 Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs

8.1.C 23: Describe the qualitative relationships among force, mass and changes in motion.

 Fan Cart Physics

8.1.C 24: Describe the forces acting on an object moving in a circular path.

 Uniform Circular Motion

8.3: The solar system is composed of planets and other objects that orbit the sun.

8.3.C 28: Explain the effect of gravity on the orbital movement of planets in the solar system.

 Gravity Pitch

8.3.C 29: Explain how the regular motion of the Sun, Earth and Moon explains the seasons, phases of the moon and eclipses.

 Phases of the Moon
 Seasons Around the World
 Seasons in 3D
 Seasons: Why do we have them?

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