3.2: Physical Sciences: Chemistry and Physics

3.2.P.B1: Force & Motion of Particles and Rigid Bodies

3.2.P.B1.1: Differentiate among translational motion, simple harmonic motion, and rotational motion in terms of position, velocity, and acceleration.

 Free-Fall Laboratory
 Period of Mass on a Spring
 Period of a Pendulum
 Simple Harmonic Motion
 Torque and Moment of Inertia

3.2.P.B2: Energy Storage and Transformations: Conservation Laws

3.2.P.B2.1: Explain the translation and simple harmonic motion of objects using conservation of energy and conservation of momentum.

 2D Collisions
 Air Track
 Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects

3.2.P.B2.2: Describe the rotational motion of objects using the conservation of energy and conservation of angular momentum.

 Inclined Plane - Rolling Objects

3.2.P.B2.3: Explain how gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces and torques give rise to rotational motion.

 Torque and Moment of Inertia

3.2.P.B3: Heat/Heat Transfer

3.2.P.B3.1: Analyze the factors that influence convection, conduction, and radiation between objects or regions that are at different temperatures.

 Herschel Experiment

3.2.P.B4: Electrical and Magnetic Energy

3.2.P.B4.1: Explain how stationary and moving particles result in electricity and magnetism.

 Electromagnetic Induction
 Magnetic Induction

3.2.P.B4.2: Develop qualitative and quantitative understanding of current, voltage, resistance, and the connections among them.

 Advanced Circuits

3.2.P.B5: Nature of Waves (Sound and Light Energy)

3.2.P.B5.1: Explain how waves transfer energy without transferring matter.

 Longitudinal Waves
 Ripple Tank

3.2.P.B5.3: Describe the causes of wave frequency, speed, and wave length.

 Ripple Tank

3.2.P.B6: Unifying Themes

3.2.P.B6.1: Use Newton’s laws of motion and gravitation to describe and predict the motion of objects ranging from atoms to the galaxies.

 Atwood Machine
 Fan Cart Physics

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