3.1: Biological Sciences

3.1.8.C1: Natural Selection

3.1.8.C1.1: Explain how reproductive success coupled with advantageous traits over many generations contributes to natural selection.

 Evolution: Mutation and Selection
 Evolution: Natural and Artificial Selection
 Natural Selection
 Rainfall and Bird Beaks

3.2: Physical Sciences: Chemistry and Physics

3.2.8.A3: Matter & Energy

3.2.8.A3.1: Explain how changes in matter are accompanied by changes in energy.

 Chemical Changes
 Phase Changes

3.2.8.B1: Force & Motion of Particles and Rigid Bodies

3.2.8.B1.1: Explain how inertia is a measure of an object’s mass.

 Fan Cart Physics

3.2.8.B1.2: Explain how momentum is related to the forces acting on an object.

 Air Track

3.2.8.B2: Energy Storage and Transformations: Conservation Laws

3.2.8.B2.1: Identify situations where kinetic energy is transformed into potential energy, and vice versa.

 Energy Conversion in a System
 Energy of a Pendulum
 Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects
 Roller Coaster Physics
 Sled Wars

3.3: Earth and Space Sciences

3.3.8.A1: Earth Features and the Processes that Change It

3.3.8.A1.2: Compare and contrast the types of energy that drive Earth’s systems.

 Cell Energy Cycle
 Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects
 Pond Ecosystem
 Water Cycle

3.3.8.A4: Water

3.3.8.A4.1: Explain how the oceans form one interconnected circulation system powered by wind, tides, the Earth’s rotation, and water density differences.


3.3.8.A5: Weather and Climate

3.3.8.A5.1: Explain how the curvature of the earth contributes to climate.

 Seasons Around the World
 Seasons in 3D

3.3.8.A6: Unifying Themes

3.3.8.A6.1: Explain changes in earth systems in terms of energy transformation and transport.

 Calorimetry Lab
 Cell Energy Cycle
 Food Chain
 Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects
 Pond Ecosystem
 Water Cycle

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