S.1: Physical Science

S.1.GLE.1: Matter exists in different states such as solids, liquids, and gases and can change from one state to another by heating and cooling

S.1.GLE.1.IQ: Inquiry Questions:

S.1.GLE.1.IQ.1: How can the state of matter of any object be decided?

 Phases of Water

S.3: Earth Systems Science

S.3.GLE.1: Earth's materials can be broken down and/or combined into different materials such as rocks, minerals, rock cycle, formation of soil, and sand - some of which are usable resources for human activity

S.3.GLE.1.IQ: Inquiry Questions:

S.3.GLE.1.IQ.1: What are some of the ways that Earth's materials are formed?

 Rock Cycle

S.3.GLE.1.IQ.2: Where do these different materials such as soil, sand, rocks, and oil come from? What is the process by which the materials were formed?

 Rock Cycle

S.3.GLE.1.IQ.4: How do rocks "cycle?"

 Rock Cycle

S.3.GLE.1.N: Nature of Science:

S.3.GLE.1.N.2: Use models to demonstrate the rock cycle or other ways Earth's materials are broken down or combined.

 Rock Cycle

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