2: Relations and Functions

2.1: Determine whether a relation is a function or not a function. Identify the domain and range of a given relation. Sketch and interpret linear and non-linear graphs representing given situations. Translate among verbal descriptions, tables, graphs and equations.

 Absolute Value with Linear Functions
 Geometric Sequences
 Introduction to Functions
 Linear Functions
 Points, Lines, and Equations
 Solving Equations by Graphing Each Side
 Standard Form of a Line

3: Linear Equations, Functions and Inequalities

3.1: Graph linear functions and determine their slopes and x- and y- intercepts from their graphs and equations. Write a linear function in slope-intercept form. Determine the equation of a line given sufficient information.

 Absolute Value with Linear Functions
 Cat and Mouse (Modeling with Linear Systems)
 Point-Slope Form of a Line
 Points, Lines, and Equations
 Slope-Intercept Form of a Line
 Standard Form of a Line

4: Linear Equations, Functions and Inequalities

4.1: Solve pairs of linear equations in two variables by graphing, substitution or elimination. Solve problems that can be modeled using pairs of linear equations in two variables.

 Solving Equations by Graphing Each Side
 Solving Linear Systems (Matrices and Special Solutions)
 Solving Linear Systems (Slope-Intercept Form)
 Solving Linear Systems (Standard Form)

5: Linear Equations, Functions and Inequalities

5.1: Graph the solution for pairs of linear inequalities in two variables.

 Linear Programming
 Systems of Linear Inequalities (Slope-intercept form)

6: Polynomials

6.1: Multiply polynomials, factor polynomials, and divide a polynomial by a monomial.

 Dividing Polynomials Using Synthetic Division
 Factoring Special Products
 Modeling the Factorization of ax2+bx+c
 Modeling the Factorization of x2+bx+c

7: Quadratic Equations and Functions

7.1: Solve quadratic equations by graphing, factoring, and using the quadratic formula. Graph quadratic functions and understand the relationship between its zeros and the x-intercepts of its graph.

 Modeling the Factorization of x2+bx+c
 Quadratics in Factored Form
 Quadratics in Polynomial Form
 Quadratics in Vertex Form
 Roots of a Quadratic

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