DM.6: The student will solve linear programming problems. Appropriate technology will be used to facilitate the use of matrices, graphing techniques, and the Simplex method of determining solutions.

 Linear Programming

DM.10: The student will use the recursive process and difference equations with the aid of appropriate technology to generate

DM.10.b: sequences and series;

 Arithmetic Sequences
 Geometric Sequences

DM.10.e: the Fibonacci sequence.

 Arithmetic Sequences
 Geometric Sequences

DM.12: The student will select, justify, and apply an appropriate technique to solve a logic problem. Techniques will include Venn diagrams, truth tables, and matrices.

 Compound Inequalities

DM.13: The student will apply the formulas of combinatorics in the areas of

DM.13.c: permutations and combinations; and

 Binomial Probabilities
 Permutations and Combinations

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