International AS and A Level Biology

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2: Biological molecules

 Dehydration Synthesis
 Identifying Nutrients

3: Enzymes

 Collision Theory

4: Cell membranes and transport


5: The mitotic cell cycle

 Cell Division
 Human Karyotyping

6: Nucleic acids and protein synthesis

 Building DNA
 DNA Fingerprint Analysis
 Evolution: Mutation and Selection
 RNA and Protein Synthesis

8: Transport in mammals

 Circulatory System

10: Infectious diseases

 Disease Spread
 Virus Lytic Cycle

20: Practical skills for AS

 Graphing Skills
 Measuring Volume
 Reaction Time 1 (Graphs and Statistics)
 Reaction Time 2 (Graphs and Statistics)
 Real-Time Histogram
 Unit Conversions

12: Energy and respiration

 Cell Energy Cycle

13: Photosynthesis

 Cell Energy Cycle
 Photosynthesis Lab

14: Homeostasis

 Human Homeostasis

15: Coordination

 Digestive System

16: Inherited change

 Chicken Genetics
 Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
 Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
 Mouse Genetics (Two Traits)

17: Selection and evolution

 Evolution: Mutation and Selection
 Evolution: Natural and Artificial Selection
 Natural Selection
 Rainfall and Bird Beaks

18: Biodiversity, classification and conservation

 Coral Reefs 1 - Abiotic Factors
 Coral Reefs 2 - Biotic Factors
 Dichotomous Keys
 Estimating Population Size
 Forest Ecosystem
 Pond Ecosystem
 Prairie Ecosystem
 Rabbit Population by Season

19: Genetic technology

 Human Karyotyping

21: Planning, analysis and evaluation

 Estimating Population Size
 Growing Plants

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