IGCSE Chemistry

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1: Planet Earth

 Coastal Winds and Clouds
 Mineral Identification
 Plate Tectonics
 Rock Classification
 Rock Cycle
 Water Cycle
 Weather Maps

2: The nature of matter

 Bohr Model: Introduction
 Electron Configuration
 Element Builder
 Phases of Water

3: Elements and compounds

 Covalent Bonds
 Electron Configuration
 Ionic Bonds
 Photoelectric Effect

4: Chemical Reactions

 Balancing Chemical Equations
 Chemical Equations
 Dehydration Synthesis

5: Acids, bases and salts

 Mystery Powder Analysis
 pH Analysis
 pH Analysis: Quad Color Indicator

6: Quantitative chemistry


7: How far? How fast?

 Cell Energy Cycle
 Collision Theory
 Equilibrium and Concentration
 Equilibrium and Pressure

10: Organic chemistry

 Dehydration Synthesis

12: Chemical analysis and investigation

 Growing Plants

Content correlation last revised: 3/9/2016