National Geographic Science (Grade 3)

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1: How Do Plants Live and Grow?

 Growing Plants
 Measuring Trees
 Plants and Snails

2: How Are Animals Alike and Different?

 Dichotomous Keys

3: How Do Plants and Animals Respond to Seasons?

 Measuring Trees
 Rabbit Population by Season

4: What Properties Can You Observe About the Sun?

 Energy Conversions
 Solar System
 Summer and Winter

5: What Can You Observe About Stars?

 Herschel Experiment
 Star Spectra

6: How Can You Describe and Measure Matter?

 Mineral Identification
 Triple Beam Balance
 Weight and Mass

7: How Does Water Change?

 Phase Changes
 Phases of Water

8: What Is Energy?

 Circuit Builder
 Conduction and Convection
 Energy Conversions
 Heat Absorption

9: What is Light?

 Additive Colors
 Basic Prism
 Color Absorption
 Heat Absorption
 Subtractive Colors

Content correlation last revised: 12/9/2014