Interactive Science Grade 5

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1: The Nature of Science

 Force and Fan Carts
 Growing Plants
 Mean, Median and Mode
 Measuring Trees
 Measuring Volume
 Reaction Time 1 (Graphs and Statistics)
 Reaction Time 2 (Graphs and Statistics)
 Weight and Mass

2: Design and Function

 Digestive System

3: Properties of Matter

 Element Builder
 Mystery Powder Analysis
 Phase Changes
 Phases of Water
 Solubility and Temperature

4: Physical and Chemical Changes

 Freezing Point of Salt Water
 Measuring Volume
 Phase Changes
 Solubility and Temperature
 Triple Beam Balance
 Weight and Mass

5: Solar System

 3D Eclipse
 Comparing Earth and Venus
 Orbital Motion - Kepler's Laws
 Phases of the Moon
 Seasons Around the World
 Seasons in 3D
 Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
 Seasons: Why do we have them?
 Solar System
 Solar System Explorer
 Summer and Winter

6: Ecosystems

 Cell Energy Cycle
 Estimating Population Size
 Food Chain
 Forest Ecosystem
 Photosynthesis Lab
 Pond Ecosystem
 Prairie Ecosystem
 Rabbit Population by Season
 Rainfall and Bird Beaks

7: Human Body

 Circulatory System
 Digestive System
 Disease Spread
 Identifying Nutrients

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