Math in Focus: 3A

This correlation lists the recommended Gizmos for this textbook. Click any Gizmo title below for more information.

1: Numbers to 10,000

1.2: Place Values

 Cannonball Clowns (Number Line Estimation)

1.3: Comparing and Ordering Numbers

 Cannonball Clowns (Number Line Estimation)

2: Mental Math and Estimation

2.4: Rounding Numbers to Estimate

 Rounding Whole Numbers (Number Line)

3: Addition up to 10,000

3.1: Addition Without Regrouping

 Target Sum Card Game (Multi-digit Addition)

4: Subtraction up to 10,000

4.3: Subtraction with Regrouping in Ones, Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands

 Cargo Captain (Multi-digit Subtraction)

6: Multiplication Tables of 6, 7, 8, and 9

6.1: Multiplication Properties

 Chocomatic (Multiplication, Arrays, and Area)
 Critter Count (Modeling Multiplication)

8: Division

8.2: Quotient and Remainder

 No Alien Left Behind (Division with Remainders)

Content correlation last revised: 4/23/2013