Math in Focus: 4A

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1: Place Value of Whole Numbers

1.1: Numbers to 100,000

 Modeling Decimals (Area and Grid Models)
 Modeling Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

1.2: Comparing Numbers to 100,000

 Cannonball Clowns (Number Line Estimation)
 Modeling Decimals (Area and Grid Models)
 Modeling Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

2: Estimation and Number Theory

 Comparing and Ordering Decimals

2.1: Estimation

 Rounding Whole Numbers (Number Line)

2.2: Factors

 Factor Trees (Factoring Numbers)
 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals

2.3: Multiples

 Finding Patterns

3: Whole Number Multiplication and Division

 Adding Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

3.1: Multiplying by a 1-Digit Number

 Critter Count (Modeling Multiplication)
 Subtracting Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

3.4: Dividing by a 1-Digit Number

 No Alien Left Behind (Division with Remainders)

4: Tables and Graphs

4.3: Line Graphs

 Elevator Operator (Line Graphs)

5: Data and Probability

5.2: Median, Mode, and Range

 Mean, Median and Mode
 Movie Reviewer (Mean and Median)

5.3: Stem-and-Leaf Plots

 Stem-and-Leaf Plots

5.4: Outcomes

 Spin the Big Wheel! (Probability)

5.5: Probability as a Fraction

 Fido's Flower Bed (Perimeter and Area)
 Rectangle: Perimeter and Area

6: Fractions and Mixed Numbers

 Fido's Flower Bed (Perimeter and Area)

6.1: Adding Fractions

 Adding Fractions (Fraction Tiles)
 Area of Parallelograms - Activity A
 Area of Parallelograms - Activity B

6.3: Mixed Numbers

 Holiday Snowflake Designer
 Quilting Bee (Symmetry)

6.4: Improper Fractions

 Fractions Greater than One (Fraction Tiles)
 Holiday Snowflake Designer
 Quilting Bee (Symmetry)

6.7: Fractions of a Set

 Toy Factory (Set Models of Fractions)

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