Progress in Mathematics

This correlation lists the recommended Gizmos for this textbook. Click any Gizmo title below for more information.

1: Number Sense, Addition, and Subtraction

 Adding Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)
 Cargo Captain (Multi-digit Subtraction)
 Number Line Frog Hop (Addition and Subtraction)
 Subtracting Decimals (Base-10 Blocks)

2: Multiplication: Whole Numbers and Decimals

 Chocomatic (Multiplication, Arrays, and Area)
 Rounding Whole Numbers (Number Line)

3: Division: Whole Numbers and Decimals

 No Alien Left Behind (Division with Remainders)

4: Expressions and Equations

 Modeling One-Step Equations - Activity B
 Solving Linear Inequalities using Addition and Subtraction
 Solving Linear Inequalities using Multiplication and Division

5: Integers

 Adding and Subtracting Integers with Chips
 Comparing and Ordering Integers

6: Number Theory and Fractions

 Factor Trees (Factoring Numbers)
 Fraction Artist 1 (Area Models of Fractions)
 Fraction Garden (Comparing Fractions)
 Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
 Modeling Fractions (Area Models)

7: Fractions: Addition and Subtraction

 Adding Fractions (Fraction Tiles)
 Fraction Artist 2 (Area Models of Fractions)
 Fractions with Unlike Denominators

8: Fractions: Multiplication, Division, and Probability

 Dividing Fractions
 Geoboard: The Pythagorean Theorem
 Modeling Fractions (Area Models)

9: Data and Statistics

 Box-and-Whisker Plots
 Exploring Data Using Histograms
 Graphing Skills
 Line Plots

10: Geometry

 Quilting Bee (Symmetry)
 Rock Art (Transformations)
 Surface and Lateral Area of Prisms and Cylinders

11: Ratio, Proportion, and Percent

 Beam to Moon (Ratios and Proportions)
 Estimating Population Size
 Ordering Percents, Fractions, and Decimals Greater Than 1
 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals

12: Percent Applications

 Percent of Change
 Percents and Proportions
 Simple and Compound Interest

13: Measurement

 Area of Parallelograms - Activity A
 Circles: Circumference and Area
 Fido's Flower Bed (Perimeter and Area)
 Measuring Trees
 Rectangle: Perimeter and Area

14: More Concepts in Algebra

 Adding and Subtracting Integers with Chips
 Comparing and Ordering Integers
 Function Machines 2 (Functions, Tables, and Graphs)
 Modeling and Solving Two-Step Equations
 Points in the Coordinate Plane - Activity A

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