Science Fusion: Grade 7

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1: Nature of Science

1.2: Scientific Investigations

 Growing Plants
 Pendulum Clock

1.3: Representing Data

 Graphing Skills

2: Earth Structures

2.1: Minerals

 Mineral Identification

2.2: The Rock Cycle

 Rock Cycle

2.4: Plate Tectonics

 Plate Tectonics

2.6: Earthquakes

 Earthquake - Determination of Epicenter
 Earthquake - Recording Station

3: Earth's History

3.3: Absolute Dating


4: A Human Impact on Earth

4.3: Human Impact on Water

 Pond Ecosystem

4.4: Human Impact on Atmosphere

 Greenhouse Effect

5: Waves and Light

5.1: Waves

 Ripple Tank

5.2: Properties of Wave

 Longitudinal Waves
 Ripple Tank
 Sound Beats and Sine Waves

5.3: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

 Herschel Experiment

5.4: Interactions of Light

 Basic Prism
 Color Absorption
 Herschel Experiment

6: Energy and Heat

6.1: Energy Conversion and Conservation

 Energy Conversion in a System
 Energy Conversions

6.2: Temperature

 Temperature and Particle Motion

6.3: Thermal Energy and Heat

 Conduction and Convection
 Heat Transfer by Conduction

7: Life Over Time

7.1: Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

 Evolution: Mutation and Selection
 Evolution: Natural and Artificial Selection

7.2: Evidence of Evolution

 Human Evolution - Skull Analysis
 Rainfall and Bird Beaks

8: Reproduction and Heredity

8.1: Mitosis

 Cell Division

8.3: Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

 Pollination: Flower to Fruit

8.4: Heredity


8.5: Punnett Squares and Pedigrees

 Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
 Mouse Genetics (Two Traits)

9: DNA & Modern Genetics

9.1: DNA Structure and Function

 Building DNA
 RNA and Protein Synthesis

10: Ecology

10.2: Roles in Energy Transfer

 Food Chain
 Forest Ecosystem

10.3: Interactions in Communities

 Forest Ecosystem
 Plants and Snails
 Prairie Ecosystem

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