BSCS Science: An Inquiry Approach: Level 1

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1: The Process of Scientific Inquiry

 Growing Plants
 Human Evolution - Skull Analysis
 Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
 Period of a Pendulum

2: The Material World

 Density Laboratory
 Phase Changes

3: Get a Charge out of Matter

 Covalent Bonds
 Electron Configuration
 Ionic Bonds

4: Organizing the Elements: The Periodic Table

 Bohr Model of Hydrogen
 Bohr Model: Introduction
 Electron Configuration

5: Star Material

 Element Builder
 Nuclear Decay

6: Cells: The Building Blocks of Life

 Cell Division
 Cell Structure

7: Cells are Busy Places

 Cell Energy Cycle
 Photosynthesis Lab

8: The Nature and Networks of Behavior

 Human Homeostasis
 Paramecium Homeostasis

9: Life's Work

 Cell Energy Cycle

10: The Stars

 Longitudinal Waves
 Star Spectra

11: Coming Attractions - Gravity

 Gravitational Force
 H-R Diagram

12: Cosmic Questions

 2D Eclipse
 Doppler Shift
 Doppler Shift Advanced

14: Crime Science

 DNA Fingerprint Analysis

15: Risks and Hazards to Humans

 Herschel Experiment

16: Fire Ecology

 Forest Ecosystem
 Prairie Ecosystem

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