Biology: Exploring Life

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Unit 1: Exploring Life: Introducing Biology

Chapter 2: The Science of Biology

 Seed Germination

Unit 2: Exploring Cells

Chapter 4: The Chemical Basis of Life

 Covalent Bonds
 Element Builder
 Ionic Bonds

Chapter 5: The Molecules of Life

 Identifying Nutrients

Chapter 6: A Tour of the Cell

 Cell Structure

Chapter 7: The Working Cell: Energy from Food

 Cell Energy Cycle

Chapter 8: The Working Cell: Energy from Sunlight

 Photosynthesis Lab

Unit 3: Exploring Inheritance

Chapter 9: The Cellular Basis of Inheritance

 Cell Division

Chapter 10: Patterns of Inheritance

 Chicken Genetics
 Mouse Genetics (One Trait)

Chapter 11: DNA and the Language of Life

 RNA and Protein Synthesis

Chapter 12: Human Genetics

 Human Karyotyping

Unit 4: Exploring the History of Life

Chapter 14: Evolution: A History and a Process

 Natural Selection

Chapter 15: Origins of Biological Diversity

 Evolution: Mutation and Selection
 Evolution: Natural and Artificial Selection

Unit 5: Exploring the Microbial World

Chapter 16: Prokaryotes and Viruses

 Virus Life Cycle (Lytic)

Chapter 17: Protists

 Paramecium Homeostasis

Chapter 20: The Life of a Flowering Plant

 Pollination: Flower to Fruit

Unit 7: Exploring Animal Diversity

Chapter 27: Exploring Human Structure and Function

 Human Homeostasis

Chapter 32: Regulation of the Internal Environment

 Human Homeostasis

Unit 9: Exploring Ecology

Chapter 35: Population and Community Ecology

 Rabbit Population by Season

Chapter 36: Ecosystems and Conservation Biology

 Food Chain

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