Nelson Mathematics

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1: Number Relationships

 Factor Trees (Factoring Numbers)
 Order of Operations
 Square Roots

2: Proportional Relationships

 Measuring Motion
 Multiplying with Decimals
 Part:Part and Part:Whole Ratios
 Percent of Change
 Percents and Proportions
 Percents, Fractions and Decimals

3: Collecting, Organizing, and Displaying Data

 Describing Data Using Statistics
 Exploring Data Using Histograms
 Polling: City

4: Patterns and Relationships

 Arithmetic Sequences
 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

5: Measurement of Circles

 Circle: Circumference and Area
 Measuring Trees

6: Integer Operations

 Adding and Subtracting Integers
 Adding and Subtracting Integers with Chips

7: Transformations

 Rock Art (Transformations)
 Rotations, Reflections and Translations
 Similar Figures - Activity A

8: Variables, Expressions, and Equations

 Modeling One-Step Equations - Activity B
 Modeling and Solving Two-Step Equations
 Solving Equations By Graphing Each Side

9: Fraction Operations

 Dividing Fractions
 Fractions Greater than One (Fraction Tiles)
 Multiplying Fractions
 Multiplying Mixed Numbers

10: Angles and Triangles

 Classifying Quadrilaterals - Activity A
 Geoboard: The Pythagorean Theorem
 Investigating Angle Theorems - Activity A
 Special Quadrilaterals
 Triangle Angle Sum - Activity A

11: Geometry and Measurement Relationships

 Prisms and Cylinders - Activity A
 Surface and Lateral Area of Prisms and Cylinders

12: Probability

 Probability Simulations
 Theoretical and Experimental Probability

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