Science Explorer

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1: Chemical Interactions

 Balancing Chemical Equations
 Collision Theory
 Element Builder

3: Motion and Energy

 Conduction and Convection
 Energy Conversion in a System
 Energy Conversions
 Force and Fan Carts
 Heat Absorption
 Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects
 Measuring Motion
 Phases of Water
 Temperature and Particle Motion

4: Characteristics of Waves

 Earthquake - Determination of Epicenter

5: Sound Waves

 Longitudinal Waves
 Sound Beats and Sine Waves

6: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

 Herschel Experiment

7: Light Waves

 Additive Color v2
 Color Absorption
 Penumbra Effect
 Ray Tracing (Lenses)
 Ray Tracing (Mirrors)
 Subtractive Color v2

8: Characteristics of the Universe

 H-R Diagram
 Star Spectra

9: Plate Tectonics

 Building Pangaea
 Plate Tectonics

10: Minerals

 Mineral Identification

11: Rocks

 Rock Classification
 Rock Cycle

14: The Oceans

 Ocean Mapping

15: Climate and Climate Change

 Greenhouse Effect
 Seasons Around the World

16: Genetics: The Science of heredity

 Building DNA
 Chicken Genetics
 Mouse Genetics (One Trait)
 Mouse Genetics (Two Traits)
 RNA and Protein Synthesis

17: Modern Genetics

 DNA Fingerprint Analysis
 Human Karyotyping

18: Change Over Time

 Evolution: Natural and Artificial Selection
 Human Evolution - Skull Analysis

19: Interdependence in Living Systems

 Circulatory System
 Food Chain
 Forest Ecosystem
 Plants and Snails
 Prairie Ecosystem

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