Visions (volume 1)

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1: Visual Representations

1.1: Paint Me a Picture

 Construct Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
 Investigating Parallel Lines and Planes
 Surface and Lateral Area of Prisms and Cylinders
 Surface and Lateral Area of Pyramids and Cones

1.2: The Art of Mapmaking

 Pyramids and Cones - Activity A
 Surface and Lateral Area of Pyramids and Cones

1.3: Good Relations

 Geoboard: The Pythagorean Theorem
 Pythagorean Theorem - Activity B

2: Modelling by Making Connections

2.1: Making Connections

 Function Machines 1 (Functions and Tables)
 Function Machines 2 (Functions, Tables, and Graphs)
 Function Machines 3 (Functions and Problem Solving)
 Introduction to Functions

2.3: In Reverse

 Direct and Inverse Variation

3: Surveying to Better Interpret

3.1: A Sensible Selection

 Polling: City
 Polling: Neighborhood
 Populations and Samples

3.2: Know More, Compare Better

 Graphing Skills

3.3: A Particular Tendency

 Mean, Median and Mode
 Reaction Time 2 (Graphs and Statistics)

4: Identifying Trends to Make Forecasts

4.1: Keep Going Straight

 Linear Functions
 Slope-Intercept Form of a Line - Activity A

4.2: Changing Variations

 Modeling and Solving Two-Step Equations
 Point-Slope Form of a Line - Activity A
 Slope - Activity B

4.3: If the Trend Holds

 Determining a Spring Constant

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