Chemistry: Matter and Change

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Chemistry

 Intro to Plasma
 Mystery Powder Analysis

Chapter 2: Data Analysis

 Density Experiment: Slice and Dice

Chapter 3: Matter -- Properties and Changes

 Boyle's Law and Charles' Law

Chapter 4: The Structure of the Atom

 Bohr Model: Introduction
 Element Builder
 Intro to Plasma

Chapter 5: Electrons in Atoms

 Element Builder

Chapter 6: The Periodic Table and Periodic Law

 Element Builder
 Intro to Plasma

Chapter 7: The Elements

 Element Builder

Chapter 8: Ionic Compounds

 Ionic Bonds

Chapter 9: Covalent Bonding

 Covalent Bonds

Chapter 10: Chemical Reactions

 Balancing Chemical Equations
 Chemical Equation Balancing

Chapter 12: Stoichiometry


Chapter 13: States of Matter

 Intro to Plasma

Chapter 14: Gases

 Intro to Plasma
 Boyle's Law and Charles' Law

Chapter 15: Solutions

 Colligative Properties
 Solubility and Temperature

Chapter 16: Energy and Chemical Changes

 Calorimetry Lab

Chapter 19: Acids and Bases

 pH Analysis
 pH Analysis: Quad Color Indicator

Chapter 24: The Chemistry of Life

 Photosynthesis Lab
 Cell Energy Cycle

Chapter 25: Nuclear Chemistry

 Nuclear Decay

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