New York Science

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2: Views of Earth

 Ocean Mapping
 Reading Topographical Maps

3: Rocks and Minerals

 Rock Classification
 Rock Cycle

4: Weathering and Erosion

 Water Cycle

5: Clues to Earth's Past


6: Plate Tectonics

 Plate Tectonics

7: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

 Earthquake - Determination of Epicenter
 Earthquake - Recording Station
 Rock Cycle

8: Waves, Sound, and Light

 Ray Tracing (Lenses)
 Ray Tracing (Mirrors)
 Sound Beats and Sine Waves

9: Matter and Its Changes

 Density Laboratory
 Solubility and Temperature

10: Atoms, Elements, and the Periodic Table

 Bohr Model of Hydrogen
 Bohr Model: Introduction
 Covalent Bonds
 Electron Configuration
 Element Builder
 Ionic Bonds

11: Substances, Mixtures, and Solubility

 Colligative Properties
 Solubility and Temperature

12: Chemical Reactions

 Balancing Chemical Equations
 Chemical Equation Balancing
 Mystery Powder Analysis

13: Cells - The Units of Life

 Cell Division
 Cell Energy Cycle
 Cell Structure
 Paramecium Homeostasis

20: Plat Processes

 Cell Energy Cycle
 Interdependence of Plants and Animals
 Photosynthesis Lab

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