StemScopes Grade 5

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1: Matter and Energy

1.1: 5.5A Classifying Matter

Circuit Builder
Density via Comparison
Phases of Water
Properties of Matter

2: Force, Motion, and Energy

2.1: 5.6A Uses of Energy

Energy Conversions

2.2: 5.6B Circuits and Eletricity

Circuit Builder

2.3: 5.6C Light

Eyes and Vision 1 - Seeing Color

2.4: 5.6D Experimenting with Forces

Force and Fan Carts

3: Earth and Space

3.1: 5.7A Formation of Fossil Fuels

Carbon Cycle
Rock Cycle

3.2: 5.7B Changes to Land

River Erosion

3.3: 5.8A Weather and Climate

Comparing Climates (Customary)
Comparing Climates (Metric)

3.4: 5.8B The Sun and Water Cycle

Water Cycle

3.5: 5.8C Earth's Rotation

Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun

4: Organisms and Environments

4.1: 5.9A Interdependency

Fruit Production
Pond Ecosystem

4.2: 5.9B Food Webs

Forest Ecosystem
Prairie Ecosystem

4.3: 5.9C Environmental Changes

Forest Ecosystem

4.6: 5.10B Traits

Heredity and Traits

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