StemScopes Grade 8

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1: Matter and Energy

1.1: 8.5A Atoms

Element Builder

1.2: 8.5B Protons and Electrons

Covalent Bonds
Element Builder
Ionic Bonds

1.3: 8.5C Periodic Table

Element Builder
Ionic Bonds

1.4: 8.5D Chemical Formulas and Equations

Chemical Equations

1.5: 8.5E Chemical Reactions

Chemical Changes

2: Force, Motion, and Energy

2.1: 8.6A Unbalanced Forces

Crumple Zones
Fan Cart Physics
Force and Fan Carts

2.2: 8.6B Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Fan Cart Physics
Sled Wars

2.3: 8.6C Laws of Froce and Motion

Crumple Zones
Fan Cart Physics

3: Earth and Space

3.1: 8.7A Rotation and Revolution

Seasons Around the World
Seasons in 3D
Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
Seasons: Why do we have them?

3.2: 8.7B Lunar Cycle

Moonrise, Moonset, and Phases
Phases of the Moon

3.3: 8.7C Ocean Tides

Tides - Metric

3.6: 8.8D Origins of the Universe

Big Bang Theory - Hubble's Law

3.7: 8.9AB Plate Tectonic Theory

Building Pangaea
Plate Tectonics

3.8: 8.9C Erosional Features

Building Topographic Maps
Reading Topographic Maps

3.10: 8.10B Weather Maps

Weather Maps - Metric

3.11: 8.10C Oceans and Weather

Hurricane Motion - Metric

4: Organisms and Environments

4.1: 8.11A Interdependence

Coral Reefs 1 - Abiotic Factors
Coral Reefs 2 - Biotic Factors
Food Chain
Plants and Snails
Pond Ecosystem
Rabbit Population by Season

4.2: 8.11B Environmental Changes

Coral Reefs 1 - Abiotic Factors
Natural Selection
Rainfall and Bird Beaks - Metric

4.3: 8.11C Human Effect on Resources

Coral Reefs 1 - Abiotic Factors
Coral Reefs 2 - Biotic Factors

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