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SC.912.P.8: Properties of Matter

SC.912.P.8.1,2: Matter and its Properties

Chemical Changes
Colligative Properties
Density Laboratory
Freezing Point of Salt Water
Melting Points
Phase Changes

SC.912.P.8.3: Atomic Models

Bohr Model of Hydrogen
Bohr Model: Introduction

SC.912.P.8.4: Atomic Theory and Subatomic Particles

Element Builder

SC.912.P.8.5: The Periodic Table

Electron Configuration
Element Builder

SC.912.P.8.6,7: Chemical Formulas

Covalent Bonds
Ionic Bonds
Polarity and Intermolecular Forces

SC.912.P.8.11: Acids and Bases

pH Analysis
pH Analysis: Quad Color Indicator

SC.912.P.8.8: Chemical Reactions

Balancing Chemical Equations
Chemical Equations
Dehydration Synthesis

SC.912.P.8.9: Mole

Chemical Equations

SC.912.P.10: Forms of Energy

SC.912.P.10.7: Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions

Chemical Changes
Reaction Energy

SC.912.P.10.9,18: Atomic Spectrum

Bohr Model of Hydrogen

SC.912.P.10.12: Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Decay
Nuclear Reactions

SC.912.P.10.5: Kinetic Molecular Theory

Temperature and Particle Motion

SC.912.P.10.1,6: Energy

Energy Conversion in a System
Energy of a Pendulum
Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects

SC.912.P.12: Motion of Objects

SC.912.P.12.10: Gas Laws

Boyle's Law and Charles's Law
Ideal Gas Law
Temperature and Particle Motion

SC.912.P.12.11: Kinetic Molecular Theory

Phase Changes

SC.912.P.12.12: Rates of Reaction

Collision Theory

SC.912.P.12.13: Equilibrium

Equilibrium and Concentration
Equilibrium and Pressure

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