StemScopes Grade 8

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SC.8.E.5: Earth in Space and Time

SC.8.E.5.5: Properties of Stars

Big Bang Theory - Hubble's Law
H-R Diagram

SC.8.E.5.2,3: Galaxies in the Universe

Big Bang Theory - Hubble's Law
Solar System Explorer

SC.8..E.5.4: Law of Univeral Gravitation

Solar System Explorer

SC.8.E.5.7,8: Comparing Objects in Our Solar System

Comparing Earth and Venus
Solar System
Solar System Explorer
Tides - Metric

SC.8.E.5.9: Earth, Moon, and Sun

2D Eclipse
3D Eclipse
Moonrise, Moonset, and Phases
Penumbra Effect
Phases of the Moon
Seasons Around the World
Seasons in 3D
Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
Seasons: Why do we have them?
Tides - Metric

SC.8.E.5.11: Space and Electromagnetic Spectrum

Herschel Experiment
Herschel Experiment - Metric

SC.8.L: Life Science

SC.8.L.18: Matter and Energy Transformations

SC.8.L.18.1: Photosynthesis

Cell Energy Cycle
Photosynthesis Lab
Plants and Snails
Pond Ecosystem

SC.8.L.18.2,3: Cellular Respiration and the Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle
Cell Energy Cycle

SC.8.L.18.4: Living Systems and Laws of Conservation

Carbon Cycle
Cell Energy Cycle
Food Chain
Photosynthesis Lab

SC.8.P: Physical Science

SC.8.P.8: Properties of Matter

SC.8.P.8.1,7: Atoms

Element Builder

SC.8.P.8.2: Weight and Mass

Weight and Mass

SC.8.P.8.3: Measuring Mass and Volume

Density Experiment: Slice and Dice
Density Laboratory
Measuring Volume

SC.8.P.8.4: Classifying Matter

Archimedes' Principle
Conduction and Convection
Density Laboratory
Mineral Identification
Solubility and Temperature

SC.8.P.8.6: Elements of the Periodic Table

Element Builder
Ionic Bonds

SC.8.P.8.8,9: Classifying Comounds and Mixtures

pH Analysis

SC.8.P.9: Changes in Matter

SC.8.P.9.1: Law of Conservation of Mass

Chemical Changes
Chemical Equations

SC.8.P.9.2,3: Physical and Chemical Changes

Chemical Changes

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