StemScopes Grade 6

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SC.6.E.6: Earth Structures

SC.6.E.6.1: Changing Earth's Surface

Erosion Rates
River Erosion

SC.6.E.7: Earth's Systems and Patterns

SC.6.E.7.1: Heat Transfer

Coastal Winds and Clouds
Coastal Winds and Clouds - Metric
Conduction and Convection
Heat Transfer by Conduction

SC.6.E.7.2,5: Water Cycle and Weather

Coastal Winds and Clouds
Coastal Winds and Clouds - Metric
Water Cycle

SC.6.E.7.3: Influences on Local Weather

Coastal Winds and Clouds - Metric
Hurricane Motion
Hurricane Motion - Metric

SC.6.E.7.4: Earth's System Interactions

Carbon Cycle

SC.6.E.7.6: Weather vs Climate

Comparing Climates (Metric)
Observing Weather (Metric)
Weather Maps
Weather Maps - Metric

SC.6.E.7.8: Natural Disasters

Hurricane Motion
Hurricane Motion - Metric

SC.6.E.7.9: Foundations of Earth's Global Climate

Carbon Cycle
Greenhouse Effect
Greenhouse Effect - Metric

SC.6.L: Life Science

SC.6.L.14: Organization and Development of Living Organisms

SC.6.L.14.3: Homeostasis

Paramecium Homeostasis

SC.6.L.14.4: Cell Stucture and Function

Cell Structure
Cell Types

SC.6.L.14.5: Human Body Systems

Circulatory System
Digestive System
Human Homeostasis

SC.6.L.14.6: Infectious Agents

Disease Spread

SC.6.P: Physical Science

SC.6.P.11: Energy Transfer and Transformations

SC.6.P.11.1: Conservation of Energy

Energy Conversion in a System
Energy Conversions
Inclined Plane - Sliding Objects
Potential Energy on Shelves
Sled Wars

SC.6.P.12: Motion of Objects

SC.6.P.12.1: Graphing Motion

Distance-Time Graphs
Distance-Time Graphs - Metric

SC.6.P.13: Forces and Changes in Motion

SC.6.P.13.1,2: Forces Acting at a Distance

Free Fall Tower
Free-Fall Laboratory

SC.6.P.13.3: Unbalanced Forces

Force and Fan Carts

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