Earth Science

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Unit 1: Introduction to Earth Science

Chapter 2: Tools of Earth Science

 Building Topographical Maps
 Ocean Mapping
 Reading Topographical Maps

Chapter 3: Earth's Systems and Cycles

 Rock Classification
 Rock Cycle
 Water Cycle
 Weather Maps

Unit 2: Earth's Resources

Chapter 4: Material Resources

 Rock Classification

Unit 3: Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure

Chapter 6: Plate Tectonics

 Plate Tectonics

Chapter 7: Earthquakes

 Earthquake - Determination of Epicenter
 Plate Tectonics

Chapter 8: Volcanoes

 Plate Tectonics

Unit 4:Shaping Earth's Surface

Chapter 10: Agents of Erosion and Deposition


Chapter 11: Rivers and Groundwater


Unit 5: Earth's Oceans and Atmosphere

Chapter 12: Exploring the Oceans

 Ocean Mapping

Chapter 13: The Movement of Ocean Water


Chapter 14: The Atmosphere

 Greenhouse Effect

Chapter 15: Weather and Climate

 Coastal Winds and Clouds
 Hurricane Motion
 Relative Humidity
 Seasons: Earth, Moon, and Sun
 Seasons: Why do we have them?

Unit 6: Ecology

Chapter 16: Interactions of Living Things

 Effect of Environment on New Life Form
 Food Chain
 Interdependence of Plants and Animals
 Rabbit Population by Season

Chapter 17: Biomes and Ecosystems

 Food Chain

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