Learning Elementary Science for Class 5

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1: The Living World

 Flower Pollination
 Pollination: Flower to Fruit

2: Animal Life

 Coral Reefs 1 - Abiotic Factors
 Coral Reefs 2 - Biotic Factors
 Food Chain
 Pond Ecosystem
 Prairie Ecosystem
 Rabbit Population by Season

3: Our Universe

 2D Eclipse
 3D Eclipse
 Moonrise, Moonset, and Phases
 Ocean Tides
 Penumbra Effect
 Phases of the Moon

4: Air, Water and Weather

 Coastal Winds and Clouds
 Holiday Snowflake Designer
 Hurricane Motion
 Relative Humidity
 Water Cycle
 Water Pollution
 Weather Maps

5: Human Body, Health, and Hygiene

 Digestive System
 Human Homeostasis

6: Rocks and Minerals

 Mineral Identification
 Rock Classification
 Rock Cycle

7: Matter and Materials

 Phases of Water

8: Energy and Work

 Ants on a Slant (Inclined Plane)
 Inclined Plane - Simple Machine
 Pulley Lab
 Wheel and Axle

Content correlation last revised: 5/9/2016