Math Course 7

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1: Integers

 Adding and Subtracting Integers
 Integers, Opposites, and Absolute Values

2: Fractions

 Estimating Sums and Differences
 Fraction Garden (Comparing Fractions)
 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals
 Proportions and Common Multipliers
 Toy Factory (Set Models of Fractions)

3: Decimals

 Multiplying with Decimals
 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals
 Sums and Differences with Decimals

4: Rational Numbers

 Rational Numbers, Opposites, and Absolute Values

6: Algebraic Expression

 Solving Equations on the Number Line
 Using Algebraic Equations

7: Linear Equations in one Variable

 Modeling One-Step Equations
 Solving Two-Step Equations

8: Ratio and Proportion

 Beam to Moon (Ratios and Proportions)
 Direct and Inverse Variation
 Part-to-part and Part-to-whole Ratios
 Percents and Proportions
 Proportions and Common Multipliers
 Road Trip (Problem Solving)

9: Unitary Method

 Road Trip (Problem Solving)

10: Percentage

 Percent of Change
 Percents and Proportions
 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals
 Polling: Neighborhood

13: Lines and Angles

 Elevator Operator (Line Graphs)

14: Properties of Parallel Lines

 Constructing Congruent Segments and Angles
 Constructing Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
 Parallel, Intersecting, and Skew Lines

15: Properties of Triangles

 Concurrent Lines, Medians, and Altitudes
 Similarity in Right Triangles
 Triangle Angle Sum
 Triangle Inequalities

16: Congruence

 Constructing Congruent Segments and Angles
 Rock Art (Transformations)

17: Constructions

 3D and Orthographic Views
 Segment and Angle Bisectors

18: Reflection and Rotational Symmetry

 Holiday Snowflake Designer
 Quilting Bee (Symmetry)

20: Mensuration

 Area of Parallelograms
 Circumference and Area of Circles
 Fido's Flower Bed (Perimeter and Area)
 Perimeter and Area of Rectangles
 Prisms and Cylinders
 Pyramids and Cones
 Similar Figures

21: Collection and Organisation of Data (Mean, Median and Mode)

 Box-and-Whisker Plots
 Describing Data Using Statistics
 Mean, Median, and Mode
 Movie Reviewer (Mean and Median)
 Populations and Samples
 Reaction Time 2 (Graphs and Statistics)

23: Probability

 Probability Simulations
 Spin the Big Wheel! (Probability)
 Theoretical and Experimental Probability

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