Accelerate Math and Science Instruction

A Perfect Fit for New Performance Standards

New math and science standards and assessments focus on conceptual understanding, and so do Gizmos. Built from the ground-up to develop conceptual understanding, Gizmos help prepare your students and teachers to meet new learning expectations.

Support for Your Standards

Gizmos are aligned to the latest college and career ready standards for math and science.

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New Assessments, No Problem

Gizmos help teachers and students move beyond multiple-choice questions to more fully assess student thinking and understanding.

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Common Core Mathematics Standards

Gizmos help students of all ability levels to develop the deep knowledge and expertise that the Common Core demands.

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Next Generation Science Standards

Hundreds of Gizmos integrate the three dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards: Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts.

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Supports Your Instructional Approach

Gizmos are great for small group work, flipped classrooms, individual exploration on iPads or computers, and whole class instruction using a projector or interactive whiteboard. See how easy it is to use Gizmos in the classroom.

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Ready for the Latest Technology

With a new responsive HTML5 design, Gizmos run on most PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and Android devices.

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Find Your Solution

Ready to accelerate your instruction with Gizmos? Learn how you can access the complete library of Gizmos with a district, school, department or teacher's account.

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