Sharing Lesson Materials

Teachers can help one another by sharing lessons, worksheets, and other curricular material with the greater Gizmo-using community. To access materials created by other users, or to share your own, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Lesson Info link on the record for the Gizmo you wish to access or share lesson materials for.
    The Lesson Info link is circled on a Gizmo Record
    Lesson Info Link
  2. Scroll down to find the User Lesson Materials section. Click the title of any contributed material to save it to your computer. Click Contribute Lesson Materials to share your own curricular materials with other teachers.
    The User Lesson Materials region of the Lesson Info tab is shown with links circled.
    The User Lesson Material Region
  3. After clicking the Contribute Lesson Materials link, a form pops up asking for information regarding the lesson materials. After filling out the form, including the checkboxes describing their intended audience, click the Add Lesson Materials button.
    Add Lesson Materials Button, circled.
    Add Lesson Materials Button
  4. The materials you submit will become available to other users once they are approved.